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Layered July 16, 2020 14:48

It’s with great anticipation I'd like to announce the launch of an exciting new venture. But before I state the details let me first express, the past five years up until this very day has been everything I could hope for and more- much more.

My role as designer/stylist and merchandiser at Inspired in the Historic Third Ward on Milwaukee's Lakefront has been a highlight of my life and career!  

Not only have I become more connected to the art of room design, furniture, and interiors but I've also gained a family-an amazing team of dedicated, heartfelt, hard working, passionate, strong women and one cool dude, who are committed to a retail mission focused on breathing life and light (Inspired) into a beautiful, bustling and creative community. 

Working alongside my Inspired design partner and treasured soul sister Terry, I’ve had the opportunity to design uniquely curated vignettes and displays. We’ve created a place to truly be inspired in hopes of helping our customers recreate similar spaces in their own homes. As a result we've been able to present an environment that people want to live in- literally.

 In addition, I’ve had the privilege of experience- epic buying trips, champagne birthday celebrations, annual warehouse sale madness, all nighter floor resets, and dear workmate and customer relationships. The grand success I've had on this wild ride has fostered in me a deep calling to to expand my horizons of design influence.

In spite of the overwhelming challenge furniture selection can be for many, I’ve recognized there are also some other significant needs of our customers. Many people are searching for additional help, especially when updating, renovating or building a new home. My work as a full service designer will now also include things such as paint consultation, surface selection for flooring, countertops, tile and overall assistance with redesign and new construction. Based on my love for layers, accessories and texture, I’ve come up with a name that reflects these essentials; Layered.

To my existing Inspired customers: You truly inspire me-every day. Thank you with all my heart for trusting me with your ideas, your hopes and your homes. I will be in the shop until August 1st.  This is not goodbye, only an addition to many more projects and expanded services. I hope to work with you all in the near future.

With a grateful Heart,

Dana McNamee


   @layered.style      dana@layered.style

G R O W Flea Market Friday June 7th May 21, 2019 12:13

Introducing Burly Chic's 17th Flea Market Friday! 

G R O W 

Burly and I are busy preparing our next big online event! We'll be offering you fresh flea market finds that reflect growth; interesting items we've been collecting and stashing away in hopes that they find new life and purpose with you!!!

Interesting garden items, awesome urns, small rustic furnishings for your outdoor spaces, nature inspired art, galvanized lanterns, inspiring signs and much more! 

Sale opens online Friday morning June 7th at 8am. All items will be available for pickup the next day- Saturday morning, June 8, after 9am. Please plan to pick your items up by Sunday, June 9 at the latest.  Details and directions for pick up location will be emailed to you Friday evening after the sale. We have to tag and prepare pickups on Friday night so items will not be available until Saturday morning. Sorry we do not ship items at this time but maybe someday! :)

Can't wait guys! See you soon!

Flea Market Friday is back! March 15! March 5, 2019 17:03


For those of you that have been following us and are familiar know after 15 flea market Fridays a few years back we decided to take a break with the great anticipation we would do it again.  We're back at it and excited to offer you some fantastic flea market finds! 

For those of you unfamiliar with flea market Friday WELCOME!

This is how flea market Friday goes down...

On a few random Friday mornings during the year, right around 7:30 am, we post an eclectic collection of awesome flea market finds that will be immediately available for purchase on our website (at flea market prices of course). Many of the items available are fun finds we have picked up on our ventures, some we've used or just stashed away in storage and are finally ready to part with (I just heard a Burly "amen" in the background...ha).  Simply fill your cart with the items you can't live without, pay online and your purchase will be ready for pickup the very next day! 
Cheers to letting go and repurposing!
Vintage Bookends
Stay tuned and get ready because Friday, March 15th is our next one!!! And as the old sayings go-first come first serve, early bird gets the worm, snooze you lose...you get the idea. :)                                    
See you March 15!
Much Love,
Burly Chic
Sneak peak of a few of the items to be posted March 15th!

Texture, layers and a little drama for the mamma... December 29, 2018 15:44


As 2018 comes to a close and the hope for a prosperous New Year rings in the hearts of most of us, Burly Chic finds itself excitedly anticipating new products, exciting ventures and updated design projects! Speaking of design projects...

When I recently proposed we make the entire dining wall a chalkboard I have to admit Burly was a little hesitant. But I convinced him (as I usually can :)) that he could trust me on this and it was only paint!  O h  a n d  a  d r y w a l l  g u y . haha.  But I wanted to  transform our dining space to feel more like a restaurant as we found ourselves wanting to go out sometimes more than stay in. You know the feeling? With a few added layers and some unexpected details we've created a cozy, inviting atmosphere that nobody wants to leave from...literally!  Aah... hello???...Can we go OUT one of these nights?!  We do have a few more surprises in process but the existing changes we made transformed our space dramatically.

You too can implement some simple changes to create an environment you don't want to stray from. Here's what we did.


Accent Wall using Chalkboard paint 



The most dramatic of all changes. We had to have a drywall guy come in and smooth the wall out because we have a pretty heavy texture in most of our rooms throughout the house. If you want to incorporate a chalkboard wall you really need a fairly smooth surface so you can write on it.  We now use that wall as a special menu board for food and beverages, unique messaging area we can change weekly or seasonally scribbled with quotes, drawings, fun sayings- you get the idea.  How fun is that?!



Comfortable slipcovered chairs

We purchased 6 gray cotton slipcovered chairs from my favorite shop ever... where I work as a stylist- you all know it...Inspired located in Historic Third Ward in Milwaukee. These chairs!  Sooooo comfortable and easy to keep clean because they are slipcovers which come off for laundering. And did I mention comfortable?! At the ends of the table I added these little lovies;  host/hostess chairs in a vintage oak wood finish and the most amazing yummy linen/cotton/denim slate Gray fabric- totally modern mountain chic- LOVE them!  Also purchased at Inspired.


Fresh light fixtures

Two- not one but TWO French inspired, chunky, distressed white wood hanging beauties are now suspended above that ridiculously, amazing 9' farm table that Burly made for me. They not only look amazing but they illuminate the space perfectly- especially as they are on a dimmer switch.  Note to self...Don't be afraid to go bigger with your light fixtures than you might think. Less is NOT more in this insatance. This lighting also available at Inspired- and yes they do come one size smaller. :)

CHANGE #4- Cowhide Rugs

Cowhide rugs- oh my heart, totally resilient to stain- and the perfect added layer in almost every setting. The irregular shape and unique and natural texture softens a wood floor and adds such a unique interest to your spaces. If you have a light floor go with a dark rug- and dark floor go light. Heading to Vegas market soon. Would love to handpick one for you if you're looking! dana@inspiredmke.com 

CHANGE #5- Updated bookshelves

Sometimes your bookshelves need an update, a seasonal refresh. The best tip I can give you, as this is not an easy task, is to get rid of anything that you don't LOVE to look at-

 Sometimes we keep things- dumb things for no reason other than we've had them so long they have a force over us! Let the force NOT be with you! Get rid of it- pass it on- adios no amigos! Put only your favorite things on those shelves. And balance. Make sure you have these 5 elements incorporated into your bookshelves... Books, Botanicals, Photos, interesting objects and some illumination- like a candle or something that lights up. This should help you create more interest and pleasing balance of texture and color. I will be blogging about this topic soon as I know the struggle is REAL for so many!

And that's a wrap!

We hope these creative ideas and suggestions inspire you to create a more intentional, inviting and functional setting for you, your friends and family. It certainly has for us! 

Now about that kitchen...


B U R L Y C h I c 

Bringing the indoors outdoors-Burly Chic Style October 13, 2018 13:40

Hi all and Happy Fall! As many of you are aware Burly Chic is nature inspired -ok maybe a little obsessed. You’ve heard us talk about bringing the outdoors in by using natural elements from the greats outdoors to decorate your spaces. So we got to thinking about putting a spin on the same concept but flipped around a bit.  Encouraged by our recent and epic glamping expedition in Wyoming and Montana, Burly and I decided- well actually I decided and Burly went with it- ha- that this fall/winter we’re spending more time in the great outdoors bundled or bust- hanging around a crackling fire- sipping hot cocoa, I mean hot toddies- let’s be honest and embracing the Wisconsin chill. B u t. And that’s a B I G but, in order for that to happen, THIS chic needs some eye candy- some atmosphere- some cozy, rustic mountain chic. So we pulled together some decor basics that say, “Hey Big Chill, wanna piece of me?!”  We spiced up our screen porch/outdoor patio and prepped it for some chilly nights next to the fire. Not sure how often we’ll venture out there but we’re ready and hopeful this gives you some good ideas for your own outdoor space.

Here are some inspiring elements that will help you to create a cozy and inviting outdoor retreat that you’ll want to spend time in.

#1 Faux Fur/Hides

Furs and hides add obvious warmth and amazing texture and color. And did we mention mountain chic magnificence. YES!


#2 Reclaimed Wood Tray

This is a perfect addition using reclaimed charm and perfect for your hot toddie, snicks and snacks. Make sure it’s big and chunky enough to hold everything you need it to.  We have the perfect reclaimed wood serving tray available on our website for purchase if you need one!


#3 Plaid and Stripes

These two patterns never fail together. Plaid + Stripes = Happy Campers!



#4 Seasonal elements from nature

The natural elements that represent the season should dictate what you add to your space. Pumpkins, gourds, mums and antlers inspire us now. In a month it will be Winter greens, pinecones, berries and of course antlers! When you live with bow hunters antlers are staples in home decor.


#5 Illuminte

Lighting up your space using candles is the ultimate way to cozy up any area. The more the better. Hanging some twinkling lights is another perfect way to add the perfect glow and ambiance.


#6 Firewood

Don’t forget the logs. Find a cool container and fill’r up!  Even without the fire the wood suggests toasty. Perhaps just the thought of it will warm you. :)


Hoping we gave you some fun ideas, tips and tricks that you can use to create a little sanctuary of your own. Don’t be afraid to use what you have and mix in some new things. Mixing old with new makes the best rooms. The blend of textures and multiple layers is what brings a room to life and makes it feel warm and inviting. Maybe our next blog will be about our first venture into our treasured outdoor space. As a matter of fact- tonight’s looking good. ;)

Happy Fall Y’all!

Much Love,

Burly Chic


Burly Chic back at it. April 4, 2018 08:32




Hello to our committed, curious and coveted Burly Chic customers!

It’s been a bit of a wee while since our last blog blast and website woo because time flies when you’re having fun doesn’t it? And we have been having fun! Empty nesting- traveling here and there- making some much needed design updates in our home-and working with all our hearts at our amazing day jobs which we are most grateful for and Love. With. All. Our. Hearts. 

We are elated, excited, estatic!- to lavish you with a Burly Chic reintroduction of sorts- showcasing some of our most popular products.  Some of the things you can expect to see?

The Wristruth will be making a comeback appearance- a fresh take on the serving tray- some killer necklaces- coasters reinvented-and maybe even a treasure bag or two as so many of you are asking. We will also be introducing a couple of new products. Oh and the infamous Online Flea Market Friday. 

So stay tuned. Burly Chic refresh is coming soon-  very soon!

And if the meantime if you need some design assist- fresh furnishings- exciting accessories- great gifts or just some incredible inspiration come see me at Inspired in Milwaukee’s Third Ward! If you haven’t been there yet you haven’t lived!


Christmas wreaths to inspire your spirit. December 7, 2017 20:39

How in the world did it become December? My favorite time of the year... Thanksgiving always being my most treasured holiday; hopeful of hosting as many of my growing, crazy and beautiful family members that I can- gearing up for the perfect feast, inspired table scape and creative cocktail. And after the perfect day we quickly transition into the next magical season. As quickly as the leaves fall and the turkey is gobbled the tree goes up and the snow comes down.

Aaaah, Christmas. This year we're decking the halls with all things nature, mixed with a little vintage vibe and of course a dose of inspiration- hues inspired by sticks, snow and winter foliage- in addition to the warmth of the crackling fire, vanilla and tobacco candles and twinkling white lights of course.

It's always our mission to create products that blend rustic with pretty and inspire the spirit-this new product is no exception.

Let us tell you a little bit about it...

Because we are so inspired by the outdoors and nature, we're making wreaths from an exciting combination of unique organics- mostly native to Wisconsin- homegrown vine, pods, twigs and feathers (always a feather-explain later). Then we add a little touch of vintage- a bauble from days gone by, stirring up in us an appreciation for years that have hosted more memories than our hearts can hold and have inconspicuously shaped and grown us.

Each wreath is one of a kind with a story to tell. We'll be making a limited supply and when they're gone- we'll move on to the next. We hope they convey the message of a creative life and great love for you this holiday season. 

Merry Christmas!

Much Love,

B U R L Y C h i c 


What's Up with Burly Chic? June 24, 2017 16:42


What's up with Burly Chic? Many of you have been asking us that very question so after an authentic conversation with one another we want to let you in on our current activity and plans for the future. 

Most days of the week you will find us wholeheartedly committed to our other jobs that we love with all our hearts. For the past 26 years Burly has been running a very successful and reputable HVAC business with his brother. In June 2015, I joined creative forces with two treasured friends who opened a GORGEOUS home furnishings boutique in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward called Inspired. Within the authentic brick walls of this amazing shop, I have been working as a home stylist and merchandiser and loving every minute of it! 

 As we've entered into a new, exciting and fresh season of life as "empty nesters" with 25 years of marriage under our belt...we've had the privilege of spending most free weekends having as much fun as we can. Once the giddiness wears off we fill in the blanks with staying connected to our college kiddos, getting things done around the McNamee household and then there's a highly probable chance you'll find us creating, building and brainstorming our Burly Chic Brand.

Because of very limited time in our schedules and our desire to to simplify we have downsized our product line and become laser focussed on our four best sellers- Reclaimed Wood Serving Trays and Coasters, Burly's Beverage Boxes, and Jewelry made from reclaimed wood and authentic vintage buttons. Our Fabulous Four...

As far as our plans for the future? To be straight up honest, we aren't exactly sure. We are sure however that we'll continue to follow our hearts and the radiant light that brought us this far, do our genuine best to continue in the direction it leads us, and go there.

We want to thank you for being the best customers in the World- for always cheering us on and sharing our products with others. We are confident that Burly Chic has much more in store and will keep you posted on our progress and whereabouts.


Another New Venture... a truly "Inspired" One September 17, 2015 20:55


Ask and you Shall Receive..Seek and you shall find...Knock and the door will opened to you...

Those three phrases sounding like trumpets in our heads as we embark on yet another journey of "Inspired" contents. In the past several months we have had the honor of joining another passionate, couple team who are on a God given mission to create a radiant shop that will tantalize your senses on every level.

 Inspired, most appropriately named is in it's final trimester of growth and on it's way to be birthed into the World. All I have to say is this will be the most beeeeauuuutiful baby and undoubtably a most welcomed addition to the Third Ward family. Home furnishings, decor and gifts...a uniquely curated mix of creative, energizing and inspiring brands, including Burly Chic will bask in the presence of this beautifully rustic and refined 3000 square foot spectacular space. 

I will be at the shop (or should I say party) on a fairly regular basis- casting my creative eye, offering my opinion, serving the inquiring inspired and offering my services as a home stylist. Burly will undoubtably be cheering us on from the sidelines and passionately designing, building and replenishing our product line, Burly Chic. There will be much to do in the months to come but something tells me this is going to be a most lovely adventure...in fact it already is.

We can't wait to see you at Inspired which opens early October and is located at 239 E. Chicago St. in the Historic Third Ward Milwaukee. For some Inspired eye candy visit the website at http://www.Inspiredmke.com . And don't forget to share our link and "like" InspiredMKE on Facebook .

Great night at the Art Walk 2015 June 23, 2015 10:29

Thank you to all of you that came to support us this year at the Delafield Art walk for Spring 2015!

As many of you know it's the one time of year that we venture out and bring our online store, Burlychic.com into the public so you can touch and feel and experience our brand-so thank you for receiving us with open arms!

We had a picture perfect evening- temperature in the mid 70's sun shine and no wind. Wow!  It was a blast meeting new people- you guys are amazing. One special moment and there were many...was meeting Marilyn Monroe from Delafield! Remember the story I told in my last Art Walk blog post where I shared about the customer who purchased the serving tray for her dear friend who was retiring??? Well I met the dear friend! Was so fun connecting the dots. And a HUGE thank you to our amazing friends John and Julie who served as our checkout and bartender...they were a priceless help to us! And to our family who never fails to support us and be our greatest loving cheerleaders! We love you guys!

You made our night. You guys rock! Until next year!                       Our sweet family.


The heart behind our brand...BURLY version. February 18, 2015 09:40

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         While he has been working his day job, supporting our family for the past 25 years, I've been granted the freedom to discover my passions and creativity on so many levels. I'm so grateful for that. My new business partner, appropriately named Burly...has not only been an amazing husband but also my encourager, financial investor, confidant, counselor, emergency back up plan but mostly my ROCK. There wouldn't be a Chic without the Burly.  He's not only an essential part of our business as the maker of some of the coolest products ever but a guy with the desire to fulfill his God given purposes.                                             I want to share his heart with the world because it's just that awesome.



I work in an industry where pallet come in almost daily. I would ponder…what else can one do with those palettes- that’s a lot of wood going to waste! I’m not a master craftsman but I love to build things with my own two hands-so I started brainstorming with my wife who loves to design and create. We thought up a few cool product ideas- things we would use in our own home- unique pieces that would not only look good but be useful and inspiring. And so the journey began. 


I guess maybe it's always been in me I just didn't use it.  I come from a family of artists for sure. I've always loved creative "things" like good music, great food, the outdoors...things like that.  I would say my creative outlet was probably and mostly bow hunting, which I'm pretty passionate about. There's something about sitting in nature. I like to refer to it as  my "church in the woods." We did own a small cottage on a little lake in northern WI when our kids were in grade school. That definitely deepened my love and appreciation for nature and the outdoors. We purchased our first plot of land when our boys were very young and spent 4 years dreaming up what kind of home we wanted on it. We designed and built that home on our own and then another one since then. We did most of the work ourselves, one we're still working on 10 years later. Ha THAT- I would say has been an awesome, creative outlet and accomplishment for me. Also having our two sons watch that process knowing that a house just doesn't get built in a day has instilled in them an appreciation of craftsmanship. And that's cool.

 I think working in the industry I have for 25 years has somewhat oppressed my creativity- not that it hasn't been an absolute blessing and a great opportunity.  It has provided so many things for me. Over and above the financial stability, it has also given me great opportunities within our community and introduced me to amazing people.

 My wife has spurred me on, convinced that I have this thing inside of me begging to come out. She would always tell me, "You're so creative!" And I would think to myself...ya' maybe I am- but what does that look like? I would say that Burly Chic has definitely revived the creativity in me and given me a gratifying and fulfilling outlet to tap into using the gifts and talents that God has given me. That's incredibly cool to me.


My wife and I brainstorming in bed on a sunny, summer Saturday morning, listening to The Cilvil Wars- birds of a feather. We decided we wanted to create a brand that blended our different bends on design; my love of rustic, primitive and natural with her love of pretty, inspiring, and chic. I’m an outdoorsy, rugged, burly dude-I like things that look like they just came out of the woods-while my wife is definitely trendy, creative, and chic. Hence the name Burly Chic.


Anybody can walk into a home depot and buy a board but the character of pallet is unmatched. You never know what you’re going to run into. Different kinds of hardwoods mostly. It’s like a treasure hunt for the coolest wood. I’m often inspired to build specific things just because of the unique nature of that particular pallet. No two pieces are ever the same or will ever be again.


I think we inspire each other…and often CHIC will ask me to design an idea out of necessity. Like we needed a sturdy tray to put on our bed for our coffee cups when we’re reading or hangin' out on a Saturday morning- the serving tray was invented. We needed a huge magnet board for our office to display photos and creative ideas- the Burly Board was the result of that need. Our faith is our priority- and the desire for people to be encouraged and inspired is important to us- this brought about the cross with the words on them.
Wine racks- we love wine.  Burly Beverage Box- wanted some cool transportation for a 6 pack of microbrews- Wine Box- transportation for wine. Monogram coasters- a place to set our beverages… You get the idea.


Oh so many but I'll boil it down to three things…

Inventing something cool out of something that may have ended up in the trash or thrown into a fire is gratifying. Using up cycling is pretty cool. And finding vintage and salvaged elements to add to our designs is fun- like a treasure hunt all the time.

Working with my wife- my best friend is a blast. We really LIKE each other and enjoy being together- you know there are always those moments- everybody has moments- but overall it’s awesome.

There’s something so gratifying about building something out of your own two hands. It feels good to make something that somebody sees has value, be willing to pay for it and absolutely love it. Like wow I created that! There’s nothing better.


Well -we’re looking to keep expanding the line. We’re working on an amazing t shirt line. I know Chic wants to add some more accessories for the gals and the guys even. Expanding the jewelry line, which is pretty cool. We use little scrap pieces of wood and add words and vintage buttons. Possible expanding into home styling, somethimg my wife has had an itch to do for years- just never had the time. I’ve general contracted my own homes and had a blast with it. Who knows? Maybe someday we’ll be designing Burly Chic Homes. All I know for sure is the future looks bright! Stay tuned!





February exciting time for BC! January 31, 2015 23:07


Thanks for your patience as we are working on a new blog post for February! Stay tuned for our next blog post where we will be introducing some exciting new products and giving you a good look into the heart of our rustic/pretty passion. Check back in a few days or sign up to follow us to automatically receive our blog updates! 

Much  Love, 

Burly Chic

Thanks for the Great Stories from the Art Walk! May 20, 2014 13:45


It's always you guys- our amazing customers that inspire new ideas and keep us motivated to create new products that inspire you back. The greatest part of our night was to hear the stories you had about the way you were going to use the items you purchased!

My favorite had to be the sweet, adorable chic gal at the very end of our evening. It was almost too dark to see but her eyes caught our serving tray that said, "She decided to start living the life she imagined."  She purchased it for a much loved and soon to be missed co- worker who was embarking on a new journey called retirement;


or the hip and cool couple with two adorable daughters who purchased two wine racks both displaying the words, "On wine time..."  One for reds and the other for whites. They mentioned they were so excited because these were the two colors they had all throughout their new home. YAY! Love that!  


These are just two of the many great things we heard that evening. We are thrilled that you are inspired by Burly Chic. Totally awesome. Mission accomplished.

We heard your ideas! We wrote them down, are pondering them and will get to work designing more great items. Thanks for the great stories! Keep them coming- We LOVE them!!!

As always-Thanks so much for your support. you guys ROCK!


BurlyChic inspiration... April 28, 2014 17:07

The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away. ~William Shakespeare

What we do with our lives has great potential to make a positive impact on another person's life - especially when we do what we love to do and share it. The Burly Chic mission goes far beyond blending rustic and pretty.  It's about inspiring you- encouraging you- bringing you cool products that tell a story, cast a little joy, and have a purpose. Our hope is that you can know and experience that from our brand.

We just got back from and amazing trip to the beach and are so inspired! We've geared up to offer you more new Burly Chic-ness. Items such as edgy, cool t-shirts for the guys, a more trendy, chicy t for the gals, unique accessories like the burlychic necklace, coffee cozies and neat vintage inspired magnet boards that we've named the burly board. Keep checking the website as we will be busy like beavers working to offer you these great products. A few of them are still in the works but some of them are already available! Please let us know what you think!

Also a special thanks to 30West Magazine for featuring our business in their magazine. Thanks to everyone for your loving response. It was a humbling (especially for the Burly) but exciting and honoring experience we will always treasure.

With gratitude,

Burly and Chic



BurlyChic office under construction! January 29, 2014 07:38

Dreaming, designing, creating, constructing. We could do this all day. Excited to get our BurlyChic office JUST the way we dreamed it. Headed to Home Depot last week for everything we need to build a desk, some inspiration boards and a bench. Always LOVE a field trip with Burly.(although would prefer somewhere prettier-ha) Getting ready for an interview with a local magazine on Friday- how exciting is that?! Will have pics of office as soon as we've completed the project. Can't wait to share! Thanks for sharing our website with all of your friends. We are oh so grateful!


Thank you everybody... December 13, 2013 14:52

Thank you everybody for an eventful launch of Burlychic.com!
 It's exciting and wonderful and gratifying and the list goes on and on and.......
 We are thrilled to offer exclusive items that inspire- items that cast unique style to your home,
add creativity to your wardrobe and make great gifts to give.
Consistently we will be adding new products to our collection, so check back as often as you can.
Our supply will always be very limited since almost everything is done with our own 4 hands so if you want something- get it fast!! The holiday season is upon us and we still have time to squeeze in a few special items-
especially if you opt for local pickup! And if there is anything you might like done special please do not hesitate to contact us at info@burlychic.com.  We will do our best to make it happen.Thank you again for your enthusiasm and interest in BurlyChic.You all inspire us!!!
Merry Christmas!