Thanks for the Great Stories from the Art Walk! May 20, 2014 13:45


It's always you guys- our amazing customers that inspire new ideas and keep us motivated to create new products that inspire you back. The greatest part of our night was to hear the stories you had about the way you were going to use the items you purchased!

My favorite had to be the sweet, adorable chic gal at the very end of our evening. It was almost too dark to see but her eyes caught our serving tray that said, "She decided to start living the life she imagined."  She purchased it for a much loved and soon to be missed co- worker who was embarking on a new journey called retirement;


or the hip and cool couple with two adorable daughters who purchased two wine racks both displaying the words, "On wine time..."  One for reds and the other for whites. They mentioned they were so excited because these were the two colors they had all throughout their new home. YAY! Love that!  


These are just two of the many great things we heard that evening. We are thrilled that you are inspired by Burly Chic. Totally awesome. Mission accomplished.

We heard your ideas! We wrote them down, are pondering them and will get to work designing more great items. Thanks for the great stories! Keep them coming- We LOVE them!!!

As always-Thanks so much for your support. you guys ROCK!