Flea Market Friday is back! March 15! March 5, 2019 17:03


For those of you that have been following us and are familiar know after 15 flea market Fridays a few years back we decided to take a break with the great anticipation we would do it again.  We're back at it and excited to offer you some fantastic flea market finds! 

For those of you unfamiliar with flea market Friday WELCOME!

This is how flea market Friday goes down...

On a few random Friday mornings during the year, right around 7:30 am, we post an eclectic collection of awesome flea market finds that will be immediately available for purchase on our website (at flea market prices of course). Many of the items available are fun finds we have picked up on our ventures, some we've used or just stashed away in storage and are finally ready to part with (I just heard a Burly "amen" in the background...ha).  Simply fill your cart with the items you can't live without, pay online and your purchase will be ready for pickup the very next day! 
Cheers to letting go and repurposing!
Vintage Bookends
Stay tuned and get ready because Friday, March 15th is our next one!!! And as the old sayings go-first come first serve, early bird gets the worm, snooze you lose...you get the idea. :)                                    
See you March 15!
Much Love,
Burly Chic
Sneak peak of a few of the items to be posted March 15th!