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As 2018 comes to a close and the hope for a prosperous New Year rings in the hearts of most of us, Burly Chic finds itself excitedly anticipating new products, exciting ventures and updated design projects! Speaking of design projects...

When I recently proposed we make the entire dining wall a chalkboard I have to admit Burly was a little hesitant. But I convinced him (as I usually can :)) that he could trust me on this and it was only paint!  O h  a n d  a  d r y w a l l  g u y . haha.  But I wanted to  transform our dining space to feel more like a restaurant as we found ourselves wanting to go out sometimes more than stay in. You know the feeling? With a few added layers and some unexpected details we've created a cozy, inviting atmosphere that nobody wants to leave from...literally!  Aah... hello???...Can we go OUT one of these nights?!  We do have a few more surprises in process but the existing changes we made transformed our space dramatically.

You too can implement some simple changes to create an environment you don't want to stray from. Here's what we did.


Accent Wall using Chalkboard paint 



The most dramatic of all changes. We had to have a drywall guy come in and smooth the wall out because we have a pretty heavy texture in most of our rooms throughout the house. If you want to incorporate a chalkboard wall you really need a fairly smooth surface so you can write on it.  We now use that wall as a special menu board for food and beverages, unique messaging area we can change weekly or seasonally scribbled with quotes, drawings, fun sayings- you get the idea.  How fun is that?!



Comfortable slipcovered chairs

We purchased 6 gray cotton slipcovered chairs from my favorite shop ever... where I work as a stylist- you all know it...Inspired located in Historic Third Ward in Milwaukee. These chairs!  Sooooo comfortable and easy to keep clean because they are slipcovers which come off for laundering. And did I mention comfortable?! At the ends of the table I added these little lovies;  host/hostess chairs in a vintage oak wood finish and the most amazing yummy linen/cotton/denim slate Gray fabric- totally modern mountain chic- LOVE them!  Also purchased at Inspired.


Fresh light fixtures

Two- not one but TWO French inspired, chunky, distressed white wood hanging beauties are now suspended above that ridiculously, amazing 9' farm table that Burly made for me. They not only look amazing but they illuminate the space perfectly- especially as they are on a dimmer switch.  Note to self...Don't be afraid to go bigger with your light fixtures than you might think. Less is NOT more in this insatance. This lighting also available at Inspired- and yes they do come one size smaller. :)

CHANGE #4- Cowhide Rugs

Cowhide rugs- oh my heart, totally resilient to stain- and the perfect added layer in almost every setting. The irregular shape and unique and natural texture softens a wood floor and adds such a unique interest to your spaces. If you have a light floor go with a dark rug- and dark floor go light. Heading to Vegas market soon. Would love to handpick one for you if you're looking! dana@inspiredmke.com 

CHANGE #5- Updated bookshelves

Sometimes your bookshelves need an update, a seasonal refresh. The best tip I can give you, as this is not an easy task, is to get rid of anything that you don't LOVE to look at-

 Sometimes we keep things- dumb things for no reason other than we've had them so long they have a force over us! Let the force NOT be with you! Get rid of it- pass it on- adios no amigos! Put only your favorite things on those shelves. And balance. Make sure you have these 5 elements incorporated into your bookshelves... Books, Botanicals, Photos, interesting objects and some illumination- like a candle or something that lights up. This should help you create more interest and pleasing balance of texture and color. I will be blogging about this topic soon as I know the struggle is REAL for so many!

And that's a wrap!

We hope these creative ideas and suggestions inspire you to create a more intentional, inviting and functional setting for you, your friends and family. It certainly has for us! 

Now about that kitchen...


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