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Bringing the indoors outdoors-Burly Chic Style October 13, 2018 13:40

Hi all and Happy Fall! As many of you are aware Burly Chic is nature inspired -ok maybe a little obsessed. You’ve heard us talk about bringing the outdoors in by using natural elements from the greats outdoors to decorate your spaces. So we got to thinking about putting a spin on the same concept but flipped around a bit.  Encouraged by our recent and epic glamping expedition in Wyoming and Montana, Burly and I decided- well actually I decided and Burly went with it- ha- that this fall/winter we’re spending more time in the great outdoors bundled or bust- hanging around a crackling fire- sipping hot cocoa, I mean hot toddies- let’s be honest and embracing the Wisconsin chill. B u t. And that’s a B I G but, in order for that to happen, THIS chic needs some eye candy- some atmosphere- some cozy, rustic mountain chic. So we pulled together some decor basics that say, “Hey Big Chill, wanna piece of me?!”  We spiced up our screen porch/outdoor patio and prepped it for some chilly nights next to the fire. Not sure how often we’ll venture out there but we’re ready and hopeful this gives you some good ideas for your own outdoor space.

Here are some inspiring elements that will help you to create a cozy and inviting outdoor retreat that you’ll want to spend time in.

#1 Faux Fur/Hides

Furs and hides add obvious warmth and amazing texture and color. And did we mention mountain chic magnificence. YES!


#2 Reclaimed Wood Tray

This is a perfect addition using reclaimed charm and perfect for your hot toddie, snicks and snacks. Make sure it’s big and chunky enough to hold everything you need it to.  We have the perfect reclaimed wood serving tray available on our website for purchase if you need one!


#3 Plaid and Stripes

These two patterns never fail together. Plaid + Stripes = Happy Campers!



#4 Seasonal elements from nature

The natural elements that represent the season should dictate what you add to your space. Pumpkins, gourds, mums and antlers inspire us now. In a month it will be Winter greens, pinecones, berries and of course antlers! When you live with bow hunters antlers are staples in home decor.


#5 Illuminte

Lighting up your space using candles is the ultimate way to cozy up any area. The more the better. Hanging some twinkling lights is another perfect way to add the perfect glow and ambiance.


#6 Firewood

Don’t forget the logs. Find a cool container and fill’r up!  Even without the fire the wood suggests toasty. Perhaps just the thought of it will warm you. :)


Hoping we gave you some fun ideas, tips and tricks that you can use to create a little sanctuary of your own. Don’t be afraid to use what you have and mix in some new things. Mixing old with new makes the best rooms. The blend of textures and multiple layers is what brings a room to life and makes it feel warm and inviting. Maybe our next blog will be about our first venture into our treasured outdoor space. As a matter of fact- tonight’s looking good. ;)

Happy Fall Y’all!

Much Love,

Burly Chic