What's Up with Burly Chic? June 24, 2017 16:42


What's up with Burly Chic? Many of you have been asking us that very question so after an authentic conversation with one another we want to let you in on our current activity and plans for the future. 

Most days of the week you will find us wholeheartedly committed to our other jobs that we love with all our hearts. For the past 26 years Burly has been running a very successful and reputable HVAC business with his brother. In June 2015, I joined creative forces with two treasured friends who opened a GORGEOUS home furnishings boutique in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward called Inspired. Within the authentic brick walls of this amazing shop, I have been working as a home stylist and merchandiser and loving every minute of it! 

 As we've entered into a new, exciting and fresh season of life as "empty nesters" with 25 years of marriage under our belt...we've had the privilege of spending most free weekends having as much fun as we can. Once the giddiness wears off we fill in the blanks with staying connected to our college kiddos, getting things done around the McNamee household and then there's a highly probable chance you'll find us creating, building and brainstorming our Burly Chic Brand.

Because of very limited time in our schedules and our desire to to simplify we have downsized our product line and become laser focussed on our four best sellers- Reclaimed Wood Serving Trays and Coasters, Burly's Beverage Boxes, and Jewelry made from reclaimed wood and authentic vintage buttons. Our Fabulous Four...

As far as our plans for the future? To be straight up honest, we aren't exactly sure. We are sure however that we'll continue to follow our hearts and the radiant light that brought us this far, do our genuine best to continue in the direction it leads us, and go there.

We want to thank you for being the best customers in the World- for always cheering us on and sharing our products with others. We are confident that Burly Chic has much more in store and will keep you posted on our progress and whereabouts.