What's Up with Burly Chic? June 24, 2017 10:42


What's up with Burly Chic? Many of you have been asking us that very question so after an authentic conversation with one another we want to let you in on our current activity and plans for the future. 

Most days of the week you will find us wholeheartedly committed to our other jobs that we love with all our hearts. For the past 26 years Burly has been running a very successful and reputable HVAC business with his brother. In June 2015, I joined creative forces with two treasured friends who opened a GORGEOUS home furnishings boutique in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward called Inspired. Within the authentic brick walls of this amazing shop, I have been working as a home stylist and merchandiser and loving every minute of it! 

 As we've entered into a new, exciting and fresh season of life as "empty nesters" with 25 years of marriage under our belt...we've had the privilege of spending most free weekends having as much fun as we can. Once the giddiness wears off we fill in the blanks with staying connected to our college kiddos, getting things done around the McNamee household and then there's a highly probable chance you'll find us creating, building and brainstorming our Burly Chic Brand.

Because of very limited time in our schedules and our desire to to simplify we have downsized our product line and become laser focussed on our four best sellers- Reclaimed Wood Serving Trays and Coasters, Burly's Beverage Boxes, and Jewelry made from reclaimed wood and authentic vintage buttons. Our Fabulous Four...

As far as our plans for the future? To be straight up honest, we aren't exactly sure. We are sure however that we'll continue to follow our hearts and the radiant light that brought us this far, do our genuine best to continue in the direction it leads us, and go there.

We want to thank you for being the best customers in the World- for always cheering us on and sharing our products with others. We are confident that Burly Chic has much more in store and will keep you posted on our progress and whereabouts.


Another New Venture... a truly "Inspired" One September 17, 2015 14:55


Ask and you Shall Receive..Seek and you shall find...Knock and the door will opened to you...

Those three phrases sounding like trumpets in our heads as we embark on yet another journey of "Inspired" contents. In the past several months we have had the honor of joining another passionate, couple team who are on a God given mission to create a radiant shop that will tantalize your senses on every level.

 Inspired, most appropriately named is in it's final trimester of growth and on it's way to be birthed into the World. All I have to say is this will be the most beeeeauuuutiful baby and undoubtably a most welcomed addition to the Third Ward family. Home furnishings, decor and gifts...a uniquely curated mix of creative, energizing and inspiring brands, including Burly Chic will bask in the presence of this beautifully rustic and refined 3000 square foot spectacular space. 

I will be at the shop (or should I say party) on a fairly regular basis- casting my creative eye, offering my opinion, serving the inquiring inspired and offering my services as a home stylist. Burly will undoubtably be cheering us on from the sidelines and passionately designing, building and replenishing our product line, Burly Chic. There will be much to do in the months to come but something tells me this is going to be a most lovely fact it already is.

We can't wait to see you at Inspired which opens early October and is located at 239 E. Chicago St. in the Historic Third Ward Milwaukee. For some Inspired eye candy visit the website at . And don't forget to share our link and "like" InspiredMKE on Facebook .

Great night at the Art Walk 2015 June 23, 2015 04:29

Thank you to all of you that came to support us this year at the Delafield Art walk for Spring 2015!

As many of you know it's the one time of year that we venture out and bring our online store, into the public so you can touch and feel and experience our brand-so thank you for receiving us with open arms!

We had a picture perfect evening- temperature in the mid 70's sun shine and no wind. Wow!  It was a blast meeting new people- you guys are amazing. One special moment and there were many...was meeting Marilyn Monroe from Delafield! Remember the story I told in my last Art Walk blog post where I shared about the customer who purchased the serving tray for her dear friend who was retiring??? Well I met the dear friend! Was so fun connecting the dots. And a HUGE thank you to our amazing friends John and Julie who served as our checkout and bartender...they were a priceless help to us! And to our family who never fails to support us and be our greatest loving cheerleaders! We love you guys!

You made our night. You guys rock! Until next year!                       Our sweet family.


Introducing Burly Chic's {flea market} Friday!!! Next one Sept 25th! March 27, 2015 05:17

                                                                                                                                  We are pumped to offer an exciting feature on our website called
                                      {flea} market FRIDAY!!!!
Sound FUN? INTRIGUING? INSPIRING?!  We think so!
So this is how {flea} market Friday goes down...
On random Friday mornings (about once a month) we will post a vignette of awesome flea market finds that will be immediately available for purchase on our website {at flea market prices of course!}. You will have the ability to click on the item you are interested in and purchase it right there on our website. Your purchase will be ready for pickup on our front porch the next day! 
You can expect the cutest things... Burly Chic style of course, items that blend rustic with pretty. Some vintage some not...nicknacks, functional furniture items, cute lamps and linens, sweet dishes, fun jewelry, cool containers, outdoor garden stuff, trendy accessories and even signature pieces of clothing!  We'll see what we can intrigue you with!  Many of these flea market finds are items we have personally loved, used in our own home, but have tired of and are ready to pass along to someone else. Or they are things we have picked up on our ventures, stashed away in storage and are finally ready to part with. (I just heard a Burly "amen" in the background...ha)  
Cheers to letting go and up cycling right??
So stay tuned and get ready because Friday, September 25th is our next one!!!                                           And as the old saying goes...first come first serve, early bird gets the worm, snooze you get the idea. ;)
See you September 25th!
Much Love,