Day 11 This Way August 21, 2019 08:29

Murphy usually wants to continue down the road instead of making the turn at the trail that leads home. I’m anticipating he will eventually remember the way- that we turn left and continue to the path through the field and down the trail that leads to our back yard.

I think I've discovered why it's so important to me that he eventually remembers that. 

It makes sense that the daily healing mile is keeping me in consistent relationship with my Maker, training me to take the most well advised turns in my life, leading me to the most advantageous outcome. My healing hearts desire is that ultimately these surrendered steps will lead me to safety, security and satisfaction. A place I'd like to call home.

"This way, Murph", I say and a second later I hear the Spirit say, “This is the way, daughter.”

I am hopeful and confident that following Him, allowing Him to lead and direct will become common routine. Even after day ten it's not only feeling much more familiar but necessary.

And then again, that gentle, still, small yet powerful voice I hear in my heart...

 "Dana, I'm always leading you the right way. You can trust me. Keep following me. Keep surrendered to my direction. I got you. You got me. You've got this". 

Just like Sonny and Cher say, "I've got you babe."