Day 14 Joyful heart August 26, 2019 08:16

Today was a special day.

I was asked several weeks back, by a dear friend of mine if she could interview me for a podcast she recently launched called 'The Real Deal'. This anointed platform has given her the opportunity to use her incredible gift of communication, her encouraging spirit and her deep commitment to her faith to showcase those she interviews. Her tagline is 'celebrating people's significance and the genius of God in them'. She's adorable, disciplined, wise, committed, creative and hilarious. She tells the best ever. And her ability to teach, using her stellar communication skills is a privilege to receive and to witness.

 Today was the day my interview for the podcast aired and it blessed me more than I could have ever expected. I kept making a joke, (which to me really was no joke) about what in the world she wanted to interview me for. I kept asking her, "Rache, now really, why am I here?!" And she would just laugh and laugh and so would I. I even made a comment to a mutual friend of ours to encourage her to skip the airing altogether! And that if there wasn't enough good 'content' in the interview I totally understood! And she laughed too. But I wasn't laughing. 

During the interview we talked about creativity- how we are all created in God's image so we all have creativity inside of us even if we're resistant to the idea. We talked about surroundings and how important they are to to the soul. We hashed through the subject of buying into lies and I shared my passion to inspire and encourage women to walk in truth. We talked about comparison and how easy it is to feel like you don't quite measure up with the rest of the world. We laughed, cried a little and had the best time.  

I left her house that day feeling joy, encouraged, celebrated yet a little insecure about the effectiveness of my words. I shared with my whole heart but had this nagging insecurity it wasn't enough. Until today. 

The podcast launched and I hesitantly and excitedly listened with reserved expectation. Surprisingly I felt an overwhelming joy in my heart- skipped beats and all. I walked the healing mile today on the phone with another treasured- sister friend, telling her about the satisfaction of the day, the relief that I didn't make a total fool out of myself and the faithfulness of God in me. She celebrated with me.

Today I'm trading in my insecurity, fear, anxiety, and doubt with focussed creativity, the desire to inspire, encourage, and cast confidence in others through the stories of my life, trusting that it matters and has a grand purpose. It may sound boastful but that's okay as Rache reminded me- because the gifts I've been given come from the giver.  I'm just bragging on Him. And I will offer back what he's so lavishly slathered on me.

We all have incredible God given gifts. Recognize them, use them, celebrate them and be grateful for them. And then offer them back to the most generous giver of all mankind. The world will be blessed and so will you.