Day 16 Heart Hope August 29, 2019 18:12


Had my appointment with my cardiologist today. The nicest man. I could not of hand picked anyone better to help me uncover the mysteries of my cardiac state- a kind, down to earth, fun loving, doctor.  

The moment of truth-all tests back: EKG, echocardiogram, blood tests, stress test, holter monitor- done, finito, down the hatch, fat lady singing, signed, sealed and soon to be delivered. 

Drumroll please?! drdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrd- or in my case "Give me the bad news Doc..."

"You're all good Dana." he exclaims.

"Wait- what did you say? Really? All good? Are you sure?" I ask.

He has a little chuckle. 

My heart healthy as a horse-no valve issues- no structural problems, strong heart beat-perfect blood pressure. He called it super- no- superhero super. He said I was good- no-great! No need for medication, follow up, nothing.

Although he did see the blips on the monitor results he assured me they were benign usually caused by sensitivity to things such as coffee (who needs it- oh dear), alcohol (is wine alcohol?!), but mostly brought on by stress and anxiety, which I had no idea what he could be implying... wink, wink.

Cue in...audience applause, fireworks erupting, streamers flying, an overwhelming sigh of relief and a HUGE, "Thank you Lord!"

He chuckles again.

I thanked him up and down and told him how awesome he was. I did everything I could do to resist jumping out of my seat and licking his face. Happiness set in to my deepest places and I felt the weight of my heavy palpitating heart come off my shoulders.

 The results of my tests could have been different causing a much altered outcome.  But something shifted in my spirit today.

Today I had affirmation that the only thing I have to be afraid of is walking without the hope and help of my faithful God that shows up for all of it- the good, the bad and the ugly, which is great news because getting the diagnosis that my heart issues are stress and anxiety related, I've got some ugly to work through.