Day 17 Uprooted August 31, 2019 11:17

After the confirmation that my heart is in great shape, I face the reality that there is some manifested ugliness stuck in my body that needs to come out. On my walk this morning I begin the conversation of how to attack it.

A bestie of mine suggested I have a scream session.

"A scream session?", I ask.

"Yes." She continues, "Scream it out, at the top of your lungs. Go to a place where you feel free to unleash the monster- in order to extract the unresolved burden of hurt and bitterness from your bones."

I'm investigating this suggested exercise and hopeful it could be a beneficial yet uncomfortable undertaking. But I'm open. 

And I hear the Spirit say,

"Keep your eyes on me baby girl. The enemy will do all he can to dupe you. His desire is that you stay stuck in fear but you’re becoming quite aware of him and his pathetic presence and learning to decipher his lies from my truth. YES, girl!"

 Unresolved anger and bitterness has manifested itself inside of my body and made me sick with palpitations. It will go wherever it choses and come out in the body as it wills. It can disguise itself as panic attacks, stomach issues, headaches, back problems, and the list relentlessly continues. Disease equals DIS- EASE in the body.

And the Spirit responds, "We’re ripping it out but by the roots this time. Nice work baby."

As I walk past the vultures that have attached themselves to the lifeless limbs in the dead trees, I'm reminded that the enemy will attach himself to the barren places in my life and he’ll linger there, reminding me of how hopeless I should be and how sick I should feel. So in order to get rid of him, the dead trees need to come down- pulled out by the roots. And in doing so, the enemy has no where to land. He's resistant to anything that offers me life, purpose, faith, hope, grace and love. He won't hang out there. He much prefers the darkness. 

Bye bye vultures. No dead trees here.