Day 18 Joybird September 1, 2019 14:17


No vultures today, which is no coincidence.

Another glorious morning walk on day 18 trekking healing miles 35 and 36.

I believe I hear the Spirit tell me he’s pleased, "I'm proud of you, Dana."

I exhale a huge sigh of gratitude paired with a dose of confidence. It feels good. Webster's 1828 Dictionary defines good as- to be desired or approved of. A great relief as doubt can creep in and cause me to second guess the mission of the healing mile.

As we continued our walk, we began to notice an overwhelming presence of birds. But not in a bad way rather a good way, a glorious way! They were cheerfully chirping, wit-fully whistling, taking furious flight from limb to limb in front of us, behind us and all around us. We had one tiny feathered friend land directly in front of us. And then another actually skipping along with us. He'd flap his precious little wings just enough to take flight for a split second, then land, skip a few steps and repeat. I found it interesting that Murph was so amazingly entertained by the little specimens- any other creature he would have lost his mind. I think he was feeling the same joy I was. 

We return home from the bird parade, go inside and partake in our daily ritual- rehydrating, feeding Murph and finding a quiet place to document my day's discoveries. I decide today that instead of heading out to my usual spot, the screen porch, I would perch myself in the living room in front of my picture window that looks out over my flower garden and back yard. I approach the window, stop dead in my tracks and can hardly believe my eyeballs.

Every species of bird you could think of were flying in-like they were all showing up for the party of the year. Every single one of them arrived at the same time. I've never witnessed anything like this before. EVER, in my life. Maybe my eyes were never open to it? But it was glorious!

The guest list included:

A trio of cardinals- rarely do I see them so when I do it's epic and this morning I witnessed three!

A pair of yellow finches- precious.

A matching set of lovely little bluebirds- no joke.

A sparrow- but his name not Jack. :)

Barn swallows- which are quite common and plentiful in our back yard as we have several barns in close proximity.

A robin- quite regal and well upholstered.

And a partridge in a pear tree- wink.

I stood there in awe, hardly able to breathe. It was breathtaking. A bird lover's paradise.  I tried to capture them in a photo but by the time I lifted my phone, entered my password and clicked open my camera app they all began to fly away.

"NOOOOO!!!!", I screamed out loud, "Don't go!!!"

Murph looked at me in bewilderment, as he was also overwhelmed by this joybird invasion. I was stunned. Like seriously, I could not believe it. I still can't! believe it.  It was like I was on a grade school field trip, visiting the most awesome aviary exhibit named 'Birds from Wisconsin'.

And I heard the Spirit say,

"I know you would have loved to share that but that was all for you. I see you baby girl. Do you see me? Did you like it? Wasn't it amazing?! Hear me when I tell you..."

And I heard it again- the same thing I heard at the start of my walk repeated again in this moment.

"I'm proud of you, Dana."

And the loving, encouraging, uplifting and inspired words continued.

"I love you. I am always around you. I am here for you- always and forever.  The love I have for you is unconditional-not subject to any conditions, no matter what, you plus nothing. I love you when you do well and I love you when you fail- when you are perfectly put together or undoubtably disheveled- wether you do it flawlessly with great poise or screw it up royally.  I just plain and simply love you."

I keep recalling this profound moment that for me felt like a love letter. This is confirmation that my Maker sees all that I do, knows every thought I have, understands my aching heart and mostly loves me- really loves me.

 I am forever changed because of the grand display that manifested into great joy today-will keep it in my back pocket.