Day 20 The Rain September 7, 2019 13:09


I checked my weather app as the dark skies in the West reflected a thunderstorm approaching. The radar showed no rain for sometime but without a doubt it was on the way. So out we went, not that the rain could ever have stopped us.

I love a good rainfall. What's better? Unsure of why but I've always welcomed a good ol' soggy day with open arms. Everything sways differently when a storm is approaching- the wind whispers- the lake water exudes it's ripples and ridges, the leaves flicker like flames in the trees, the branches sway back and forth, and even little Murph struts with a bit more swagger.

After several unexpected yet somewhat anticipated raindrops fell upon us I start to recall my recent uncovering of the value of rain and the significant benefits of even walking in it.

Amongst the obvious, rain nurtures the Earth. Rain clears the air, fills the lakes, rivers, streams and ponds. It's a mandatory element of survival for all mankind,  creatures of the earth and the ecosystem. And then the less obvious- the smell of rain calms the mind and regulates mood. Bring on the rain! It's good for your skin and great for your hair. A spa for your senses. And my most recent discovery- you burn more calories when you walk in the rain. Who knew? And the list continues.

It's doubtful that Murph is sold on it's benefits. I asked him if he wanted to take a dip into the lake water as this is always his favorite pitstop and the healing mile's halfway mark.

"Ready to jump in the lake Murph?!", I say with great anticipation.

He peered at me with wet dog aggravation, "Are you kidding me?! Would you get a good look at me?! I'm soaked! It's pouring lady! What in the world would I want to do that for?!!"

I respond, "I'm sorry Murph, I don't blame you buddy, that was a dumb question." Rain has never been Murphy's favorite or most desired accessory but it sure looks cute on him. Just sayin.

As Murph and I continue, a wave (literally) of awareness pours over me. I recognize two thirds of the way into our walk, during the heaviest downfall that Murph and I are protected, walking under the thickest canopy of trees the healing mile has to offer. And I put these thoughts together...

I wonder how many times I've been protected from the rainfall- or trials in my life that I never saw due to God's intervention, under a shelter I did not recognize or had eyes to see. I'm starting to see them now because I'm choosing to. He's always got my back. 

In leu of the benefits and exhilaration of the falling drops, I'm also realizing that the rain can challenge me.  If I'm being honest with myself, there is a somewhat uncomfortable yet freeing sensation in my body and spirit when plummeted with raindrops. A renewed sense of dependence on God fills me and I open up to the idea that just like raindrops the dreary drops of trial in my life can be used to encourage growth in me-cultivating fruits of perseverance, commitment, courage and faith to name a few.

When the downpours come I'm learning to look for His protection, call out to Him if I can't see it and also trust they are being used to nourish me, make me strong and help me grow. Yes. 

And then, I say to the Heavens,

"Rain pour down, God protect me. I will trust You. I will persevere even when it's uncomfortable, knowing that you've got me. Thank you for the rain that nourishes my body, refreshes my spirit and ultimately heals my broken heart." 

The Spirit responds, 

"Thank you my daughter, for trusting me and being obedient to what I’ve called you to- even in the rain. The fruits of that obedience are growing, with the help of the raindrops, and the healing, radiant power of the Son, teaching you to trust me more every day."

We got home in the nick of Murphy time as it literally started down pouring cats, dogs, pitchforks and hammer handles as we approached the backyard. Sheets of rain fell from the sky- so powerful- so beautiful. I oddly wished it had started sooner. 

Murph- not so much.