Day 22 Reminder September 10, 2019 13:47

A picture perfect morning-  sunny, clear sky, low 70s, and my very favorite part, dry air, which makes for a perfect hair day!

Murphy's demeanor however did not reflect the delightful weather pattern. He must've picked up the scent of another canine or some wild animal, which put him into an absolute tailspin, literally.

I kept asking him, "Murph, what's the matter? What are you so upset about?"

I started to connect to his angst. 

Oddly I began to sense an uneasiness in my spirit, like something was off. I felt an urgency to pick up the pace and get moving. It was a strange instinct, one that I couldn't shake. What was it? Was I forgetting something? And Murphy sensed it!? How in tuned we are to one another. How weird.

And then my phone did the reminder ding and it hit me like a two by four. Oh no! That was it! How could I forget?! I had planned a coffee date with one of my besties. We were scheduled to meet in less than 30 minutes. Immediate panic set in knowing it would be close to impossible for me to make it on time.  Our plans, although clearly noted in my phone calendar with a coffee cup and heart face emoji, had completely slipped my mind until this very minute. Ugh. Sorry my friend!

So I ran the scenarios in my head and decided to text my good friend the truth-well ok, the half truth. I was running behind, which now that I think of it, probably wasn't a huge surprise to her as 'running late' is a good friend of mine too.

Leave it to her, overflowing with grace and understanding, she not only immediately let me off the hook but she reassured me this was perfect! It was actually working in her favor."So am I!" she texted back. Love your neighbor (or your girlfriend) as yourself.

As I write about today's healing mile, I'm uncertain, as I am most days about how this post will encourage those reading it. Maybe today the message is, be that friend. Or the other possibility, the bigger one, check your calendar lady!

But seriously, I'm blessed to have so many of those friends in my life. Maybe it's because they're all so used to me standing them up (ha) or perhaps it's because so many of my friends have the radiant light of the spirit running through their veins.

I want to be like them, like her, in every way I really do. But not because I'm jealous of her, as she has taught me by example to celebrate the strengths and gifts of others-I want to be like her because her life is a true reflection of full surrender and zealous commitment to the God Man. She walks the talk, talks the walk and inspires me to do the same. 

Which leads to me to my next epiphany of the day- most likely the real lesson here. So often I let life take me out with simple things that disguise themselves as monumental catastrophes. Things like, traffic, inconsiderate people, slow lines, weeds (weeds- really??), exceeded phone storage, a bad hair day, or even forgetting a much anticipated coffee date and the list goes on for months and maybe even years, so I'll quit before I'm gray.

In order to stand against this subtle yet chronic little virus that creeps in and tries it's best to ruin me, I think I'll put a daily reminder on my phone to do my best to extend grace, take deep breaths, find joy, practice patience and let love reign. Yes. 

Alert set: 7am. Repeat: daily. End date: Never