Day 23 Hearts Desire September 15, 2019 10:26

Thankful for an overwhelming sense of peace this morning. We left the house about 15 minutes earlier than our usual trek time and there is a  calm and serene stillness that fills the air.

 As Murph and I approach the two lakeshores I recollect the familiar yet distant memory of morning walks around the lake at our cottage in Northern Wisconsin. I remember the callings of the loons that made the lake their home every summer.  At one time, when the boys were very young, we educated ourselves to the meaning of their myriad of melodies and would wait with great expectation to hear them. I long for that sound again. Perhaps a pair of loons would be willing to move in to these parts? The lake seems to be a perfect habitat for them as we learned they prefer a lakeshore full of naturally toppled deadfall trees which are not in lack here.

"What other things do I hope for? What are the deepest desires of my broken heart?" I ask myself as my mind reels with my own good ideas. As I walk daily, I'm starting to feel a consistent prompting from the Spirit to ask for those things.

I recall one of my favorite verses, Delight in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart. Or as another version says in more simpleton terms, Keep company with God, get in on the best. I love that. I want to get in on the best, His best.

A half century into my life and I am finally convinced that the mere act of asking for what I desire can bring about the things my heart longs for. And that I have a Father in heaven that wants to give them to me. And He will stop at nothing to deliver. I would be elated but not shocked to see these lakeshores welcoming a pair of loons next summer. Until then I will continue to ask.

Maybe they'll show up sooner.