Day 24 Resist September 18, 2019 07:25

I'm doing my best to train Murphy to stay close to my side as his anxiety often causes him to pull ahead. I'll give a subtle tug on his collar and calmly call his name, "Murphy." and he naturally draws back and near to me.

I sense a similar tug when I’m getting ahead of myself and start to fret the future-wondering what might (key word:might) be on the horizon or when I allow myself to marinade in senseless insecurities. It's reassuring that I have a faithful God that lovingly reminds me to resist the temptation of pulling ahead of Him. "Dana", He calls out. It's a beautiful thing- when I catch it.

 I approached the canopy, the shelter I discovered several days ago- the one I wrote about the day God assured me it would always be over me. To my dismay the beautiful lush green vine had been transfigured into a lifeless creeper displaying brown, withered, and brittle foliage. What?

Suddenly we were startled by an irksome sound to our left. We stopped dead in our tracks and looked over to witness three monstrous, tattered vultures sneering at us perched eye level from a low branch in the very dead tree. They were so close we actually made eye contact. We could almost reach out and touch them- much too close for our comfort. We must have startled them too because they began forcefully flapping their humongous wings and frantically hopping from limb to limb. I've never gotten quite that close to any bird ever and hope in heaven's name  I never do again.

"That wasn’t very nice!" I shouted out loud to whoever might be listening. Murph looked at me in full agreement.

Expectedly, I felt a message incoming, yet another grim reminder of the enemy's determination to strike fear in me. The relentless lurking in hopes of the perfect opportunity to get close enough to stop me in my tracks and scare me out of my purposes and overall mission of this life. "Haven't I been through this one a million times?" I say to myself. Yes, a lesson I seem to revisit over and over again.

I think I'm finally getting it. 

The vital action of this repeated offense is my conscious awareness and full surrender to The God man. In order for me to overcome paralyzation by his craftiness (as I have been so much of my life) I'm learning to take stake in His mercies, strength, and instruction, all of which align perfectly with the purposes He's created me for. While the opposer says the opposite,"You cannot trust that God will always be your shelter, your strength, your refuge or your guide." -enter in fear, anxiety, hesitation, discouragement and the like. But as I stand with confidence against those insentient falsehoods and look up to the beautiful and vast blue skies; the ones created by the same God who created me, I see vines- new, rich, lush beautiful vines stretching out above me everywhere.

Except on this day they bear fruit.