Day 26 Ash September 27, 2019 10:15


This was the most treasured walk of all walks so far, accompanied by my youngest son Ashton, who happened to be home from college for the weekend. 

I asked him casually doubting my marathon runner would have much interest walking two measly miles with his ol' mamma but I thought I'd give it the old college try-after all he was in college right?! Ba dum bump.

Reluctantly I asked, "Hey Ash do you want to go on my healing walk with me?"

Much to my surprise, he enthusiastically responded with, "Yeah! Let’s go get healed!", which not only made me giggle but filled my heart to overflowing. 

I can't explain the joy in my mending heart having the opportunity to share my new journey with Ash. It was a 'show and tell' of sorts, getting to share what God has been telling me, pointing out the profound landmarks and surprising discoveries of these healing steps.  We walked and talked about the lessons I've learned and the miracles I've experienced along the way. It was a feast for my spirit and I savored every last second.

We went deep in our conversation. We talked about how the spiritual and the natural are so connected. And that what happens in our human spirits and souls can be discovered and seen through what we experience in our natural, physical state, through our senses and circumstances of our lives. We spent some time pondering the topic of opening our eyes to God and allowing him to show us things. And when we pay attention and are open and intentional to hearing it, He comes to us with answers and guides us through it all.

Ashton encouraged me. 

 "Mom, you just have no idea who might be reading your blog. It's possible that something you write could change somebody’s life or history forever." Whoa.

And he continued,

"It just takes one person reading just the words they need to hear to be encouraged.  After reading them, they decide to do something because of what they've read and it changes not only their own life but the course of history!" Double Whoa.

It's always been my hope that this blog would help others. But after today my refined hope is that it changes the course of history for the better. I've never put myself in the category of history maker but thanks to Ash I do now and so should he. I've really never thought about the connectedness of actions and how they apply to me.

Thank you God for Ashton. Thank you for his wisdom. And for the gift of creativity and connectedness he has to his Creator. Thank you mostly for his willingness to spend an hour and two healing miles with his mamma today in a sacred place that means so much to me- even more today than yesterday.