Day 29 Prepare October 10, 2019 12:41

The air is thick today on the healing mile. Nuts are falling from the trees like raindrops and the thought of being prepared keeps coming to the forefront of my mind. It seems pretty straight forward, as the squirrels prepare for winter, so should I.

"But prepare for what?" I ask. 

"The next season." He responds.

Simply stated yet intriguing.

Fast forward a quarter mile. I can't ignore how unusually quiet it is this morning, like all God's creatures are in serious work mode, deep preparation and less interactive than usual. Everybody just hard at work, getting on with their own business. There’s an exceptional amount of movement just not much sound, other than the katydids and crickets. It's almost a bit eerie-Jurassic Park like.

Suddenly I hear the welcoming sound of a bird chirping and then I spot him in the majestic tree. It's a wonder such a strident sound can come from something so small. It's piecing yet lovely-chirp chirp chirp.  

As I walk past and head away the chirping gets dimmer yet continues relentlessly without reprieve. I approach the mile marker, the turnaround point, and head back toward the tree where the chirping bird resides. I've now grown quite attached to this persistent little chickadee and have decided to name him "Peep".

"Sing your song Peep!" I say out loud.

Murph looks up at me like I've lost my mind, which I myself wonder as well.

Peep continues to chirp for another five minutes as if he's trying to convey some important message..."We interrupt this healing mile for an important message." If only I knew how to speak 'Tweet'. My best interpretation would suggest that Peep, communicating with a sense of urgency, was telling me this...

"Dana, today is a new day! Get yourself prepared as winter is on its way. Sing your song today like I sing mine, with everything you've got, with all your heart and high from your treetop. Chirp, Chirp, Chirp! Can you hear me? Can you hear me?" 

" I hear you Peep!" I respond.

Murph again looks concerned as I continue to talk to the birds and quite frankly so am I.

I think to myself... hmmm seems like a fairly simple message, one of which I will take to heart and trust might make more sense and unveil its perfect application moving forward. I am learning to pay great attention to the sights and sounds on this healing journey trusting that they are all purposefully placed and have supernatural power in preparing me for what's yet to come.

Ears open, eyes open and most importantly heart open in hopes of His healing.