Day 37 Sustain February 1, 2020 11:06


 I'm wearily dragging through a season of virus attack, coughs, post nasal drip and body distress- not life threatening, I keep telling myself- just life frustrating.  I decide to walk my healing mile today anyway, after all, I keep reminding myself, it IS the healing mile. And I am discovering it's healing more than just my heart.

"Some old fashioned things like fresh air and the outdoors is hard to beat." said Laura Ingalls Wilder. And I believe EVERYTHING she's ever said. But who I trust even more than Saint LIW, is the divine spirit within me who whispers,

"I will sustain you."

Upon arrival back home from my walk, I sprinted to my favorite reference, the Webster's 1828 Dictionary, where the meaning of the word 'sustain' came to life for me. Here is what the brilliant Noah Webster had to say about it. 

SUSTAIN- Latin sustineo; sub and teneo, to hold under- To bear; to uphold; to support. To hold; to keep from falling;  to keep from sinking in despondence. To maintain; to keep alive. To support in any condition by aid; to assist or relieve.

...from sinking in despondence??? Why does this hit home today?

DESPONDENT-Losing courage at the loss of hope; sinking into dejection; depressed and inactive in despair.

Can He feel my heartbeat? And then to go one layer deeper- dejection.

DEJECTION- A casting down; depression of mind; melancholy; lowness of spirits, occasioned by grief or misfortune. Weakness.

 Maybe it's SADD- just a seasonal thing than comes on when the sun doesn't shine bright enough, a lack of Vitamin D. But regardless, it's in my DNA to try and figure out the 'why's' of life. 

What would happen if I stopped asking why? and started to trust that a delayed answer just might be necessary in order for me to experience something supernatural; knowing that if God tells me that he will sustain me- hold me up, support me, keep me from falling, assist me, and ultimately relieve me, then the why is irrelevant.

What IS relevant however is the 'how', which is appropriately named, SURRENDER. So in that enlightened moment I throw my arms up, do the wave, and decide rather than seek answers to the never-ending, nagging questions I trust the power of the one who sustains me.


Take a moment to remember who God is and who I am. There you go lifting my load again...    Will Reagan & United Pursuit