Day 39 Lessons June 17, 2020 11:42


Ironically today I was inspired to update the blog. Blog #39 and as of today,  I have 39 days to complete The Healing Miles's one year anniversary.

Pardon me while I toot my and Murphy's horn...We've walked approximately 326 days-give or take 18, as I must humbly admit we've missed a few with a fairly valid list of reasons:

Too dark.

Flu bug.

Not enough hours in my day.

Inclement weather- although...The rain and snow storms rarely stopped us. In fact, I oddly favored them- Murphy, not so much. These miles were missed maybe only a handful of times.

SO- with those variables and figures factored, we've walked 308 days, 616 miles, 12,320 minutes, with 39 days to go and 78 miles left... so yay for me and the Murphman but way more than that, yay for God!

Today I'm recognizing where God has been faithfully at work in my life. I decided eleven months ago due to desperation and the prompting of the Spirit, to commit to a daily and intentional walk alongside my Maker to work through some frustrating physical disturbances. Quite soon thereafter it was revealed these were clearly symptoms of unresolved fear, anger and hurt piled high on a dinner plate and served with a side of desire to control my life.

Because of the time spent walking with him this is what I know for sure: 

First, paying attention to the promptings of the Spirit is the most important thing I could ever do for my health-physically, mentally and spiritually. Body. Mind. Spirit. Amen.

Secondly, He will reveal the answers to the questions I ask him when I walk in obedience to him and ask Him to renew my heart every day. What does it mean to walk in obedience? For me it is complete vulnerability and transparency. Sharing the deepest secrets of my heart and waiting patiently for Him to sort it all out.

Next, it's essential to experience pain in order to experience true and lasting healing. The pain of the past buries itself in order to protect us in our future. But ultimately until healed, that disguised pain plays havoc with our present. He is faithful to reveal and to heal!

Lastly, nature (namely God) heals. The sights and sounds of the natural has the power to transport us to the original Eden, the garden of purity, rest and whole healing. Birds singing, eagles soaring, woodpeckers pecking, squirrels scurrying, sun shining, water rippling, fish jumping, leaves changing, water wading, lilacs blooming, fog lifting, rain pouring, feathers falling and deer crossing to name a few, are all signs of His goodness, creativity, love for his children and presence of his glory. They undoubtably change the neurological pathways and responses of the body. More  on that later.

Thank you Lord for it all. Grateful for the trials-they truly do draw me closer to thee.

"Just a closer walk with thee, Grant it Jesus if you please I'll be satisfied as long, as I walk, dear Lord, close to thee."

-Van Morrison (my favorite version of the 'ol hymn)