Day 6 Reassured August 16, 2019 09:00


Most days I feel so certain about this journey- the blog- laying it all out there, and then there are the other days...

I asked Him, rather I told Him,

 "I'm not sure I understand this mission."

He said with love and gentlest tone,

"The mission is to make you well, the writing is to encourage others. You don't have to know all I am doing right now you just have to trust me. I am a God who works when you ask. I will not leave you like your earthly father left you. You can trust me. You can count on me because I am always working and doing things for your greatest possible benefit."

Long sigh of relief, "Aaaaahhhhhhh".

Someone that I love more than life recently told me she felt like a closed up butterfly. My heart ached with her wondering how such a beautiful human could feel such suppression but also knowing that so many days I stand in a similar stance- closed up, unable to express my deepest emotions, open my wings and fly in full freedom. 

As my walk continued, fluttering around me was a majestic monarch- go figure. It wouldn't leave me alone. It whirled and twirled this way and that and finally made a pit stop next to the water on the Purple Loosestrife. It's wings began to flap gently, back and forth, open and close, in and out, like it was clapping with hopeful reassurance for me- and for her. Wings wide open.

I'm reassured now, after walk number six that this mission is consistently drawing me to connect with my Maker, trust what he tells me in my spirit, encourage me to act on those truths, savor the treasures he lavishes on me along the way and celebrate the fruits of a newfound trusting heart. 

Connect, trust, savor, and celebrate-the name of this anointed game.

Hoping it all will encourage you to know and trust him too. 



"Just when the caterpillar thought it was over, she became a butterfly."