Day 7 Believe August 17, 2019 10:30 3 Comments

The first part in believing- like really believing is saying you believe.Try saying it out loud,

"I believe".

The next step in believing is the action part- living it out- the do. I'm starting to believe, like really believe.

I hear the Spirit say,

"I am making you strong baby girl. Look at my little creatures that run around trusting me. The one's I've shown you this morning, the rabbits, chipmunks, the fish you just saw swimming under the bridge. The birds of the air and the fish of the sea; I created them all. You can be confident that I can take care of you too. Do you believe that?"

My reply, my honest reply,

"I guess not. It's easy to say I do, and mostly they're just words. BUT I'm learning to and I trust I'm getting there. My heart is getting there."

We walked past the dead tree I've now officially named 'the vulture tree'. It's officially been declared in my head and my heart that the vulture represents the enemy. Sorry vulture lovers. 

This morning there were only three perched- three too many. As soon as we approached one flew off which confirmed the spineless strength the enemy has in our lives. The enemy is a coward. He will flee from us when we proclaim and walk in truth and when we stop buying into the lies. Truth vs. lies. The two can not coexist. What a relief.

Murphy's favorite part of our walk is getting to the water where he goes in knee deep, takes a few sips and occasionally sits down for a refreshing rest. Today when we got there, I looked down at the water's sandy edge and a pair of feathers, the most beautiful little white feathers I have ever laid my eyes on, were floating together in perfect sync. That's where I want to live. In perfect sink with my Maker who is teaching me every day that I can believe that he is taking care of me.

He's taking care of you too.