Day 9 In Sync August 19, 2019 08:04

The daily practice of walking with Murph has really helped him to walk closer to me and become more in sync with me. He used to pull and spin and try to get ahead of me. There is uncontainable joy in my spirit knowing that the daily commitment of walking together has helped Murph calm down.

I find an interesting parallel with my daily spiritual walk. I wonder how often God feels me pull ahead of him, walking out of sync, spinning with anxiety. No wonder my heart is out of rhythm.

There is such peace in my heart today knowing I am walking daily with my Maker- the one who knows me and loves me more than anyone else. It feels so good to be in step with Him, walking closer to him, side by side, somewhat of a divine harmony for me and for Murph.

And then enter vultures. Sadly, they seem to be a consistent through line in my story and I would guess in yours too. Suddenly four of these spine chilling creatures came flying over us, wings flapping, out of nowhere, scaring us out of our wits!

And then I heard the tag line, “relentless enemy always on the prowl”. A spiritual force of the opposer who's mission it is to strike fear in us. Who really does prowl,  looking for an opportunity to pounce on us and deter us from fulfilling the grand purposes that give our lives deep meaning, full gratification and most importantly, glory to the Giver. He's the villain in our story who lies to us and steals from us, with hopes he will leave us feeling useless, lifeless and ultimately defeated.

But thank you God it doesn’t end there! In every great story, good shows up. Just in perfect time the strong, fearless, honorable and trustworthy hero saves the day. Good always finds us, pursues us, fights for us and prevails, e v e n  w h e n  we can’t see it right away.

And the vultures flee. Yes.

The healing mile, the ninth day of my daily and disciplined commitment to walking with Him, not out of duty but out of a deep desire and hope to draw closer to Him and stay in sync with him. There is so much He has to lavish on me! 

And much to lavish on you. 


If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit. -Galatians 5:25