The Healing Mile August 11, 2019 14:22

Thank you for visiting my new blog mission,
The Healing Mile.
I invite you to join me on this vulnerable but exciting journey where I hope to know, grow and trust God better by walking with him every dayday for 365 days. Sun, rain, snow, sleet I will walk. With an open heart, I will listen to what he has to teach me and I will learn how to lay down my fears in exchange for a newfound faith in his purposes for my life- past, present and future.
I believe this mission is ultimately for me and expect that this daily discipline will heal my broken heart from past wounds of abandonment and disappointments.
The blog is for you. I pray it can be a tool for you to be inspired but mostly encouraged by. For me the time is now to not just believe in truth but to start truly walking in it. 
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