Day 34 Knock December 3, 2019 15:43

As I continue these healing miles with great expectations, I ask God over and over like a broken record, if he would confirm the truth about any underlying causes for my heart palpitations and uncover the answers to why I keep having them. 

Within seconds after asking him that question in hopes of seeking his presence this morning, four beautiful deer appeared, from the surrounding woods, single file, one at a time, out in the road right in front of me. I stopped still in my boot tracks and stared as they peered at Murph and I for a minute and then gracefully crossed. A bright red cardinal flew across the same path directly over them. Something about the sight of these beautiful creatures takes my breath away and seeing them never gets old. I think it's the presence of peace that I am naturally drawn to.

 And then we heard, 'knock, knock, knock, knock'...Murph and I puzzled as we looked up and all around but couldn't seem to spy the source of this intriguing racket. We stopped for sometime to try set our sights on this sound that one would assume to be a woodpecker. But for some reason it's frequency did not replicate one. And for the life of us both we could not find it.

And then I heard this message ring loud in my heart.

"Knock Dana. Keep knocking. Knock. Keep seeking me. Knock. Keep asking. Knock. Keep trusting and I will guide you to healing. Don't give up." This sound I heard was the familiar messaging from the Divine and all knowing internal Spirit telling me to keep on seeking Him.


 Why on some days is it easy to believe? And then on others- sooo many others, it's easier not to? On the days things feel right?... I feel right and on the days that things don't?... Well...I don't either. 

There's an undeniable force that I feel often, that pulls at me. It's a tug of war that battles relentlessly to discourage, downplay, and deter the good God is doing and distract me from staying on this path of healing. When a struggle or uncertainty rears it's ugly head, instead of recognizing it and calling out for help, I often take the bait of fear. And right then and there enters the hook.
I'm beginning to realize that the intentional substitution of faith for fear takes a lot of practice. I am hopeful that with enough consistency and relentless dependence on Him (Abba Father, God Daddy, Jesus Man, Holy Spirit, Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, Alpha and Omega), this new awareness will blossom into a habitual, natural response to any predicament that exudes stress and births anxiety.
A truth that parallels, inspires and encourages me today:
Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.
Matthew 7:7
To my surprise, in the margin of my bible, with help from the commentary on the bottom of the tattered pages, I had written these words many years back...
1. Ask= Dependence 2. Seek=Yearning  3.Knock=Persistence
I'm happy to make the bold announcement that the sum of these three essential elements of faith; dependence, yearning and persistence clearly outline the hopeful mission of The Healing Mile. 
Go God Go.