Introducing Burly Chic's {flea market} Friday!!! Next one Sept 25th! March 27, 2015 05:17

                                                                                                                                                 We are pumped to offer an exciting feature on our website called
                                      {flea} market FRIDAY!!!!
Sound FUN? INTRIGUING? INSPIRING?!  We think so!
So this is how {flea} market Friday goes down...
On random Friday mornings (about once a month) we will post a vignette of awesome flea market finds that will be immediately available for purchase on our website {at flea market prices of course!}. You will have the ability to click on the item you are interested in and purchase it right there on our website. Your purchase will be ready for pickup on our front porch the next day! 
You can expect the cutest things... Burly Chic style of course, items that blend rustic with pretty. Some vintage some not...nicknacks, functional furniture items, cute lamps and linens, sweet dishes, fun jewelry, cool containers, outdoor garden stuff, trendy accessories and even signature pieces of clothing!  We'll see what we can intrigue you with!  Many of these flea market finds are items we have personally loved, used in our own home, but have tired of and are ready to pass along to someone else. Or they are things we have picked up on our ventures, stashed away in storage and are finally ready to part with. (I just heard a Burly "amen" in the background...ha)  
Cheers to letting go and up cycling right??
So stay tuned and get ready because Friday, September 25th is our next one!!!                                           And as the old saying goes...first come first serve, early bird gets the worm, snooze you get the idea. ;)
See you September 25th!
Much Love,