Burly Chic

Welcome to the first blog post for Burly Chic!! October 20, 2013 17:15

Welcome to our first official blog post!

We'll start here at the beginning of our story.

We are a husband and wife team, married for 21 years, with 2 incredible boys and a cute pooch. We live in a bright yellow house that we designed together and are still working on 8 years later! We've recently decided to merge our creativity and design a line of products that blend his love of rustic with her love of pretty to create a distinct line called Burly Chic.

Many of our items are made using recycled materials.

Our process begins with dreaming up cool items to make- things we have designed for our own home and unique pieces we love to wear; items that appeal to our merging styles. We love the idea of encouraging people through our products so often times a Burly Chic item will come with an inspiring word or witty message.  We don't have a fancy studio -at least not yet- just our Burly garage and and humbly chic sewing room- works perfectly for us.


We hope you enjoy our products. Thank you for your interest in our evolving story- We're quite certain there will be much more to come!