Our home

We are passionate about creating spaces that reflect creativity and personality. We've styled our home with a layered look. Using texture, natural elements and unexpected details along with new and repurposed pieces we've created rooms that are comfortable, rustic yet refined, functional, and truly personal; a design style we like to call Burly Chic and implemented by our new design business called Layered.

We’ve been here 15 amazing years. We are the original builders/owners of our home and have thouroughly savored every moment we've had here. We've recently graduated to 'empty nest' status and are excited about building something more compatible to our current lifestyle. We've decided to put our home on the market and because of that have recently updated some of our spaces. We hope you are inspired by our home and some of our most treasured surroundings. And if you're interested in purchasing our home please send us a message. We'd love to personally show you around.