hobnail milkglass vases


So I found these at a rummage sale several years back. The sweetest grandma had all and I mean ALL of her huge collection of hobnail milk glass for sale- Whoa. She had hundreds of these pieces...So I took the bait and bought about 12 pieces of her amazing collection... with hopes that I would do something with them- have you seen them on pinterest??? Painted? Picture them clustered together with wild flowers. Sweet. We had no idea what these were worth so looked online. Looks like they go for between 15 and 50 bucks depending on what piece. 

But we're a flea market so I say $15 for all 3. ;)

Their's a tall bud vase(7 1/2"tall), a small, wider mouthed vase (5" tall) and a small creamer.