Rustic Reclaimed Wood Monogram Coasters


Rustic, cute, and creative. This set of 4 includes a personal monogram for every member of the family. Each coaster is individually hand cut, sanded, painted, aged and finished with a matte topcoat for easy cleanup.

The coasters shown are done with gray lettering but you have a choice of 5 other lettering colors.

These are bigger and chunkier than your typical coaster which makes them so cool.

  measures approx. 4" square and between 1/4" and 1/2" thick, depending on the reclaimed wood we use. 

Please tell us what monograms you would like in the "notes" box at checkout. We will need 4 letters.

**Additional Coasters $12.50 ea.  Available for purchace under “single coasters”. 

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