wristruth with inspirit word-neutral


Truth for your spirit, worn on your wrist, hence the name, Wristruth. A unique accessory designed to adorn the wrist that offers truth to the heart and armor for the spirit. Each bracelet is individually sewn using recycled fabric scraps, lace, unique buttons and embellishments. Words are machine embroidered. It is recommended that this truth telling gem be worn on your left arm, the one closest to your heart.

Each bracelet will vary in fabrics textures but the overall color palette will come as shown. This color palette is called neutral. It combines gray, brown,khaki, and black.

Choose from 11 words.

if choosing custom word please include it in the notes section of your order.

wrist size
SMALL 6-7" MEDIUM 8-9"

This item is made to order- please allow a couple of days to complete and additional shipping time.

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